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a reply to: "i don't need to..."

drive my car to work.
ride my bike to work.
get up early for work, i mean it's just across the street.
shower daily.
shower every other daily.
shower, what's a shower?
wear a carhart tuxedo.
insist on expressing my individuality by wearing my own jacket instead of big red.
go to gallegher's and get wasted every night.
create a new smoking habit.
beg, plead, or sleep my way into boondoggles.
be an OAE - the Order of Antarctic Explorers.
Walk by the peeps in the galley and remind them how beautiful it is outside.
take up vegetarianism... bad idea in a place like this.

I don't need those things to prove i've been to Antarctica or anywhere outside of CO for that matter.

i like to go outside.  i hike, bike, swim, climb, sit, microwave my little juan burritos, snowboard, snowshoe, socialize, play, drive, and just generally live as true as i can muster.

Oct. 22, 2005 - chuck watkins

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