'Nate Scherling set to compete in the
2008 Super Nationals VII in Las Vegas'

Oct, 2008 - Aurora, CO
Sopris Racing & Nate Scherling

The latest news from Sopris Racing reports that Nate Scherling will in fact compete in this years Super Nationals VII race taking place in Las Vegas, NV next month on Nov. 20-23. Stay tuned to soprisclothing.com for live updates leading up to and during the event!



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'Excitement and specacular racing overwhelms the final
Main Event at the TAG Karting World Championships'

Sept. 21, 2008 - Grand Junction, CO
Sopris Racing & Nate Scherling

The official Sopris visual weather report shows clear skies for this final day of racing and everyone is eager to begin. Heat #2 sets off as Nate Scherling fights for position into turn one. A repeat of Heat #1 seems imminent as Nate drops back 2 places to 8th as the field heads down the back straight. The tenacious Scherling appears to be off beat a bit from his aggressive Four-X days in Professional Mountain Bike Racing. Oddly Heat #2 is almost an exact repeat of Heat #1 with Nate passing Kody Adcock and Joey Allen to reclaim 6th position too late in the Heat to make any further ground. Everyone at Sopris Racing knows that something needs to change if the podium is the goal.

Strategy and mental fortitude is restored.

The 20 lap Main begins and the real Nate Scherling stands up. Starting from 6th on the gird once again Nate brilliantly powers through turn one into 4th, passing reigning champion and favorite David Zippie. Pushing the freight train of the top four it's bumper to bumper going into the back straight. These guys couldn't be any closer without being attached as they muscle their way around lap 1 and begin to pull on the rest of the field straight away. The announcer explodes into chatter as the top four begin to jockey for position. Aj Whisler and Michael Hogg fight it out for 1st as Ben Schermerhorn threatens to steal it from the both of them as they aren't looking. All the while Nate keeps his cool and works on maintaining the tightness of the fourpack.

With about 5 laps in the bag Nate recognizes his pace is too much to remain in 4th behind Ben as Whisler and Hogg pull away. He then takes the opportunity on the back straight to accelerate passed and out brake Schermerhorn to take the 3rd spot. Working together to catch Whisler and Hogg seems to die off quickly as Ben begins to battle for his lost 3rd position. Lap after lap is full of tight competition for position between both pairs up front while Zippie holds firm on 5th.

For a few laps Ben is all over the back of Nate working to find a gap to shoot or a mistake to capitalize on, but as the second half of the Main wears on Nate begins to put some distance on Ben. Then tragedy strikes Ben Schermerhorn's race as he drives straight off track at the end of the front straight into turn one. The cause is not yet known but this leaves Nate to catch Whisler and Hogg on his own. This also opens a door for Zippe who now sits in 4th and seems to be closing in on Nate.

The battle at the front appears to be working in Nates favor as he closes the gap, but will it be enough? Everyone is on edge as the white flag flies to indicate last lap. The battle between Whisler and Hogg is kicked into high gear and Nate appears to be holding Zippie at bay with enough room to secure 3rd. Whisler and Hogg enter the final sector of the track and a last minute pass is made placing Whisler in 1st for the final turn onto the front straight.

Across the line is:
Whisler 1st (18:20.616)
Hogg 2nd (18:20.911)
Scherling 3rd (18:21.496)
Zippie 4th (18:23.147)

With only 0.880 seconds from 1st place, Nate Scherling takes 3rd in the final Main Event at the TAG Karting World Championships!!! Sopris would like to congratulate Nate Scherling on a job well done!



'The passing will start when the tires are hot'

Sept. 20, 2008 - Grand Junction, CO
Sopris Racing & Nate Scherling

Qualifying begins with an almost cold morning at Grand Junction Motor Speedway. Coldest day so far and hopes are high for Nate Scherling. With the previous days gremlins all sorted out Nate takes to the cool track surface in pursuit of reclaiming that number one spot. His drive would only grant a solid and what has become a very consistent time of, you guessed it 55.1. Content with his result as he finally feels that the kart is giving everything it has, leaving the rest up to driving skill Nate lands a 7th spot on the grid for Race Heat #1. Not all is lost for the win however as Pole Position holder David Zippie is only 1 second ahead with a time of 54.1.

Race Heat #1

A rolling start begins the first heat and Nate gives up his 7th spot in the first lap to take 8th for the first half of the race. Just when it looked like he would hold 8th to the end Nate began his storm through the field. Passing Cody Adcock to take back his 7th spot, then on to driver number 13 to take 6th. With only 10 laps total in this heat that would be where Nate would finish day one. Confidence going into day two is high however as Nate and Sopris Racing know that given more laps Nate would continue his march to the front. In addition it should be noted that Nate was able to not only break through below his reliable 55.1 but in fact smash through and grab a 54.6 on the final lap of the heat. Only 0.4 seconds off the fastest time of 54.2. This increase in speed over the course of the heat shows great promise for tomorrows Heat #2 and Main Event.

Another note to mention is the tire rule for this event that will no doubt become a factor as day two wears on. Everyone began Race Day One with a fresh new set of tires...a set that will have to last them through the entire event. Yes, Qualifying, Heat #1, Heat #2 and the Main Event. Sopris Racing believes tire wear will be an issue in the end, how much of one is the trick. Stay tuned...


'Friday blues for Nate Scherling trying to find a balance'

Sept. 19, 2008 - Grand Junction, CO
Sopris Racing & Nate Scherling

"I was trying to chase a handling problem that only existed in the drivers head" - Nate

That pretty much sums up the 'official' regulation practice day today. The Sopris Racing team fought an up-hill battle chasing ghosts that would ultimately prove to be caused by driver frustration, mis-aligned tools and the unexpected forces of added rubber to a hot track. At the end of the day it was discovered that the right rear hub had worked it's way loose and inward under extreme right hand corner forces. This was corrected and then the second biggest problem of the day revealed itself. Nate's relief was not too far behind when a tire gauge reading 1.5psi too high was discovered as the source of initial problems. With all three issues behind them everyone was able to focus on the task at hand. The final practice run of the day left the team headed in the right direction for Saturday morning but was not enough to really work on dialing in the kart for raceday. The best lap of the day was another 55.1 but that would not grant the top spot as the other teams advanced.



'Nate Scherling's bid for TAG Karting World Championship title
starts off strong ending day 1 of practice with fastest lap'

Sept. 18, 2008 - Grand Junction, CO

Sopris Racing and the #22 Racing Kart piloted by Nate Scherling.

Thursday - Initial reports look good as Nate begins an 'epic' weekend with the hopes of kick starting his Auto-Racing career. This, the TAG Karting World Championships, is the final all or nothing bid to come out on top and claim a spot on the grid in Spain. After a day full of trading fast laps with proven racer Ben Shemerhorn, Nate was able to pull of a 55.1 second lap to best Ben's time. Tomorrow starts the 'official practice' sessions with qualifying and race heat #1 to follow on Saturday.


'As expected Nate Scherling's karting debut was a clear success
despite the frivolous disqualification after the finals'

May 4, 2008 - Centennial, Colorado.
Sopris Racing and the 555 Racing Kart piloted by Nate Scherling.

After missing qualifying altogether due to an under-weight infraction Nate Scherling started the first heat at the back of the grid. The First heat got underway and in just 10 laps Nate decisively sliced his way through the field advancing seven positions. The main event began with Nate 5th on the grid working his way up to finish 3rd just short of overtaking 2nd place. A well earned podium finish set the tone for the coming rookie season...
...but wait, there's more. Just before the celebrating began, news of a protest clouded the result. Another competitor in the TAG Senior class had voiced issue with the color of the number plate on the back of the Sopris 555 racing kart. Posing a protest that the plate should have been red to indicate the proper classification of the driver rather than blue. this protest stripped Nate Scherling of his 3rd place triumph and resulted in disqualification. The official statement from Sopris headquarters is an inquiry asking, how the improperly marked kart could still pass both registration and tech inspection for entry into the event. Regardless of the views on the validity to the claim that a red plate would somehow bend the cosmos to ultimately slow the talent and determination of the Sopris driver, the overall view of the event is nothing short of outstanding success. Great job Nate!





Sept. 24, 2007-Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Will Corry, our favorite Irishman on a shoestring budget enters his first ever rally race in Colorado and shocks the community with an amazing performance. An overall 5th place finish in a Group N car among a field of Open class cars and huge teams with deep pockets. Obviously taking the Group N win by storm. Being actively recruited by some of the bigger teams during the event and with a performance driving instructor job offer after the event, it's turning out to be the beginning of a great future for the young Irishman. So keep an eye on the site for more updates on Will.


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