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an introduction:

sopris: what would you say...ya do here?

nate: i deal with the g*d damn customers so the engineers don't have to!

sopris: no really, what are you doing here? tell us as if someone doesn't know...wait...they don't, so what are you doing here?

nate: i guess the time and place is irrelevant but whatever it is and whatever we are doing "here", chances are I'm doing it better than you.

sopris: okay, let's get right to it then...
so you've got 3 light bulbs in a room with no windows.
3 unmarked switches outside. they are not within reach of the door.
the door is closed and you can only open it once.
how do you tell me which switch goes to which bulb?

nate: can i turn on all three?

sopris: if you think that will help.

nate: so i can open the door and flip one switch?

sopris: no...well yes, but only once.

nate: so what you're asking me is which switch goes to which light bulb.

sopris: that is the question, yes.

nate: so how will you know what light i'm talking about?

sopris: let's just say i know the answer, so i will know if you are lying.

nate: whatch yer gonna do is, <laughing> pull the cover off the light switch, expose the wires and lick the open circuit and then you'll know, that the light bulb is your face!

sopris: right...yes, that is correct.

sopris: that got us much closer to the original question...so let's try it a different way. what did you do today?

nate: i was at the track all day.

sopris: doing what exactly?

nate: i was mostly...ah...mostly driving...but there was a point there at the end where i totally dragged someones reality through the mud.

sopris: ha, okay, well what does that mean?

nate: let's just say anything's possible.

sopris: meaning, you--

nate: --meaning shutch yer mouth!

sopris: alright then, any parting thoughts?

nate: a mirror is a time machine...think about that...when you look into a mirror you are looking at the past.


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